Mk1 Escort Rebuild – Retropower Gordon Murray Episode 15

Gordon Murray Mk1 Escort

It's now June 2019 - we get to see the Car's first public appearance at Goodwood Retro Rides weekender along with a bunch of other customer project cars, including a Chevette HSR, Audi Quattro and a millington powered Alfa.  There's also a nice green Mk2 Cortina with toyota engine - travesty!

On the escort, the dash gets some attention, the wiring loom is finished and we get a look at the software used to control the wiring loom inputs and outputs.

Cosworth engineers turn up at the workshop and they attempt to start the engine for the first time.  At first it doesn't go well.  The ECU map gets changed to match the actual ECU fitted to the car and the coil loom was refitted the right way around this time and up she fired.


Here's Episode 15:


Mk1 escort rebuild video


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