Mk1 Escort Rebuild – Retropower Gordon Murray Episode 5


In this episode the Retropower guys visit the cosworth factory and take a stroll through history with the progressive display of cossie engines on display starting with the first Anglia 105e in 1964 through to the F1 DFV engines. They also get up close in the dyno bays where all the classic cosworth engines have been developed including the current durotech models.


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and the rest of this is really I love
this design you know it’s really sort of
knock-back in a way but nice and retro
and crisp and I think that might be a
bit too much so that I think it’s an
excellent idea
today we’re at the manufacturer of the
dfv the most successful Formula one
engine of all time and the YB which
powered probably the most desirable
bank-robber cars of my generation the
Sierra and escort models which bear the
name Cosworth
I know first into an office that’s where
it sort of really started pre dfv yeah
taking the you know the anglia when I
fire engine and perform this chicks live
roles yeah and custom head as well so
that’s when the light one of the later
ones the sei yeah which had downdraft
head on it as well
yeah yeah so this would have been
introduced didn’t 64 that’s pretty cool
and then that would have been just
predating dfv development which would
have been probably 64 yeah c6 and it was
interesting because I originally thought
was funding the DfE and you know with
with the intention of it being used
solely by Chapman yeah in the Lotus f1
team and then they had to have a bit of
a renegotiation carefully approach
Chapman and tell him maybe we need to be
able to sell it to some other teams as
well otherwise you’re gonna completely
dominate we’re gonna look bad because
we’re too good and then of course every
British for one team ended up using the
dr3 yeah
but of course most people kind of the
household name Cosworth you spring to
mind is Sierra escort cosworth and they
were powered by the YB which was a
development in I guess the 80s mid 80s
kind of in in pursuit of Touring Car
victory really I mean it was developed I
guess for the Sierra touring cars but
then of course they had to do the
homologation versions for touring car
and then it made sense to do a road a
road-going version and the name just
shot from being massive you only that
purely a motorsports same thing to
everybody wanting a Kosma it was like
you know Alpena BMW you got the Cosworth
Ford and they were relatively affordable
beer time sort of the everyday person
you see for really they do amazingly
fast cars on sort of everyday everyday
money which is which is something that’s
interesting and it’s actually
interesting medical that links in a
little bit with Gordon Murray because
he’s very keen on on kind of making
things affordable for the masses as well
and certainly the Sierra Cosworth was a
was a fine machine in its day the bank
robbers car of choice I think the fleet
up would been pretty sharpish yeah and
of course she can you know the the road
going one was what 200 horsepower ish
but they’ve already been especially the
rs500 already had the biggest sir but
one for the touring car so homologation
so you can just whine the booster from
one of them and make forward
so all of these cells down this end of
the road are the the original Dino cells
so on the gradually expanded as we’ve
gone but essentially all the original
brickwork is here so these are the cells
at the DfE think red would have first
fired up on it and they’re still the
cells now that we test engines on I’ve
seen nobody seems to put it on YouTube
for the lid off of some of the world
people working on the deer it’s probably
in one of these cells massive glasses
and you know just as proper engineers in
China smoke over the top yeah yeah then
we’d say he’s the same in same darkness
that we run it Couric whoa the most
recent Formula one engine but it would
have all been tested on this endian so a
building in the build-up will and
throwing them with hot test them here in
here and then with all the duratec
testing as well in these cells it’s
incredible ready to think that the deer
feeders have been tested in the same
rooms that the Duratec I having so these
walls could talk
yeah I probably say like no it’s graphed
in a white really getting us for f1
deadline oh yeah absolutely
I imagine you still have that now as
soon oh yeah it’s actually Formula One
deadlock that’s it it’s one of the big
offerings that cause of three houses
because we’ve always said and always
worked principle of it’s no point in
having the best engine on Monday if the
race was on yeah so you know so if
anything’s like
it’s pretty right
something that’s a lot of people who
just see a crate duratec and it’s like
less than a gram to buy a crate duratec
they probably don’t appreciate the
amount of work that causes put into it
know what a cosmic built new yet yeah
because I’m imagining that maybe even
more non-standard components than there
are standards yes so essentially what we
do is we buy a duratec engine direct
from the production line from fort they
come here first thing we do is we strip
it down we take it fully apart we wash
everything in our wash room and then we
do any deburring or anything like that
so production examples don’t have to be
exactly perfect because you know they’re
reasonably crude they’re relatively low
stress that out to be great
but what we do is we pull it all apart
we check everything is fine we crack
test important stuff DB or any key bits
and then we’ll start putting it together
but before we get to the point of
putting it together we’ve got to made it
a lot of bits so so the dry sump system
on it is our own bespoke dry sump system
it’s got actually got the integrated
scavenge which from a from a packaging
point of view it’s very nicely I’m going
to try and hang some big Yeltsin scum
rod and then and also from a usage point
of view especially if you can use it in
a rally environment when we get in any
gravel yeah it’s a great idea I mean
we’ve built a couple of cars we’ve
driven drawers before and we’ve always
put an oil pressure engine cut on you
just paranoid yeah how much you spent on
your engineer that’s gone at that point
so we then put Cosworth pistons which we
manufacture in-house rods our own
specification of camshafts valve springs
we do some machining on the head to get
the air flow better and then we have
barrel throttle system as well we’ve got
on similar to the offal systems that we
looked down no one engines earlier and
presumably a big benefit at the roller
barrel rolls is that there’s no
butterfly even when it’s fully out
exactly yeah but the flaw is fully open
you still got something else wide open
for you but not strong enough like and
you can see that from from here so
essentially you you will have no
obstruction down to the back of those
see this sort of porters are there’s
something that’s phasing out a lot now
you know with a lot more concentration
going on economy yeah yeah yeah you need
you know what’s special no turbocharged
high efficient engines need a different
amount um all you needed from outsmarts
well whereas this essentially is trying
to get as much fuel in air into that
combustion chamber as possible to make
pal but generally the crank is that just
a standard forward in the in the
specification that Gordon has last for
that it will just be the Sun crank
however that the higher specification
engine that we do have a billet crank it
and yeah and Gordon was actually very
particular so because it’s our because
last year was the 50th anniversary of
the cosmos dearly this year is our 60th
anniversary we decided we were going to
do a limited edition run a12 Durrett X
wouldn’t for each drivers championship
than the DfE powered so Gordon ranked
rang up and speaking to him about that
and he got quite excited about that he
said Oh what specification are they and
I said oh they’re 2-liter tune in 55
break nor specifications at all that’s
not specification I won he’d already you
already know all of them talk we decided
this is the talk that I want you look
through the gorge the two point because
isn’t the suport three isn’t it yes yeah
that long strike really makes different
lowdown but the 2-liter is an absolute
screamer so it’s horses for courses yeah
it’s gonna be it’s going to be quite
and it’s also nice really he’s
specifying the car that he absolutely
wants he’s not it’s not making a
combination it down to everything
that will probably be alright but no
he’s absolutely defining exactly what
which is brilliant imagine that’s
probably quite challenging in the last
video there’s a little shot of him like
sitting in the car and he’s like
bulletins and imaginary throttle right
it’s saying yesterday in an alpha and
that we put this Millington 2.7 million
in it’s just so talky and he literally
you just whisper the throttle and the
back and I really that was
I saw this plaque on your Instagram page
ago and it kind of brought it home to me
a bit about who we’re actually building
this car for oh absolutely
we’ve kind of almost got used to it now
when when he first approached us we were
like oh my god what have you got into
this that you actually yeah and then and
it’s kind of now it’s just like yeah
we’re just building a cup of God Maria
then I saw this I thought now this was
his first Grand Prix victory the first
car design of his which is only a year
after he started at Brabham and he was
only 27 yeah it’s unbelievable
yeah it’s not surprisingly this date
stuck in his head very well that’s why
probably I’d say on it but then like
moving on from that I’m now thinking
well this is commemorating probably one
of the biggest moments in his life and
we’re building the car it’s go fill ago
same thing you know we work with Gordon
mo design on on different projects and
even then when he rang me up it’s a bit
cool okay yeah nice to meet you yes yes
we’re done with that we’ll be back yeah
that was amazing how good was that right
we better get back to the workshop and
do some work
it looks great guys
a spread I suppose best place to start
probably the – right and we were
obviously talking before about getting
these auxiliary gauges on there and we
sort of touched on putting them on the
top and you probably seen in the video
where I was talking about the fact that
we can’t really come up with a nice way
of putting them at the top part of the –
it doesn’t look like we’ve just watched
some gauges on their amazingly and we’re
really keen to avoid the original
because the RS models have like an
extension on the side here with the four
gauges in as well so this is kind of the
idea we’ve come up with it at the minute
it’s just it’s just extending down the
center section of – basically this this
sort of yeah we shall have the gauges on
the heat controls on a headlight switch
I sort of laid out just rotary controls
on there and then and then kind of tying
in the look with the Senate with the
main gauges as well I mean that’s the
standard cluster there yeah not sort of
going crazy over complicated that’s
great yeah and the warning lights just
laid out it looks period doesn’t it we
talked about early almost doing these
texts on a minor detail but rather than
symbols actually having it written I
love that sort of thing and that’s
brilliant now I just thought of
something you know just looking at these
controls I think we might have to go
back to the car you know you know what
with the seat where it is I’m sitting in
it where the back seat is I just want to
make sure I can read probably I don’t
know what you think about seat belts but
well we’ve had this whole discussion
yesterday and I was like oh god he
controls I’m not gonna reach him and
then I thought so you can’t really in
forward but maybe I’m wrong on that
normal for everyday usage I probably
will go with the normal I couldn’t reach
anything I’ve got I’ve got a lot of
stuff but yeah I suppose if I got to
normally just leaned that lean forward
don’t you yeah yeah I mean realistically
the standard
the controls are there anyway so unless
we can have a massive protrusion she
wouldn’t be able to get an or put them
in the console on the console yeah I
think as long as you’re going in there
sure no I love that look though that’s
great yeah easy want her moving on from
that was the on the seats you were
talking about this time is this
basically the Tartan that’s it so I
guess next decision is on the seats
whether we do the whole center in the
tartan or whether we just do a small
panel in the tartan yeah sure have you
considered just do one section yeah we
were wondering about maybe just just
doing one of these panels or just a
little splash I sure I think that I
think it’s an excellent idea because as
much as I love you know having the
tartan in there I had a BRABUS smart
which they did up specially for me and
in fluorescent lime-green and that had
Murray tartan seats the whole seat and
it is a bit that’s what we thought and
the rest of this is really I love this
design you know it’s really sort of not
back in a way but nice and retro and
Chris and I think that might be a bit
too much so that I think it’s an
excellent idea is just to have a hint of
it which could be the very least one of
those Reynolds yeah and the most would
be those three the block of those three
maybe I don’t know I don’t think the
seams would even have to be necessarily
in those same position so we could do a
bigger panel I quite like I quite like
the subtlety of just one actually which
I think ties in quite well we would I
mean there’s other details to talk about
on the back but this sort of bulkhead
area you wanted some of the tartan there
and we were thinking just a sort of
saying that would run away that would be
perfect yeah absolutely perfect yeah I
like that yeah the other thing which is
massively controversial a split opinion
usually is that we were trying to think
or all I was trying to think this is
more of a way of getting another little
flash of that tartan on the dash but in
a way that didn’t look horrible and I
just casually wondered about having it
on the gauge faces
I think that’s a bit OTT yeah okay yeah
I think I quite like the look you’ve got
there’s fantastic I think it’s so period
and I think that’s just a little bit
like the whole seat again familiar just
subtle kind of dimmed down so the rear
rear seat area yeah this is kind of a
little indication of what we’ve talked
about maths talks back with the
structure so we’re going to have this
tube going across we’re gonna allow us
to tie the turrets in that and put a lot
of strength in but it also it’s a nice
way of transitioning the personal shelve
into the bulkhead it’s not just a square
corner yeah I keep saying to people it
was just gonna look like it bought it
out transatlantic yeah we just another
square corner on there so it’s a nice
radius then we can run the corner I
think that’s a really good idea because
I I might find because I’m going to
tramp on a bit in this I’m sure I might
find the 3-pointers it doesn’t feel yeah
I quite like being pulled back into the
seat and driving quickly you know so
track day or something perfect perfect
do you not do you know how some people
don’t like those ice cold I know but
then it would look nice and in keeping
with all the other wants to be in
keeping and it wants to be sneezed
Inglewood one because you don’t have
wood anywhere else now I mean the
obvious in keeping thing would be kind
of know
with a engrave through numbers on the
top black anodized aluminium I think
this sort of things to modern yeah it
needs to be it needs to look like it
came out of the 60s
yeah and it definitely needs to tie up
for these that’s very true and it’s
going to be right back if the gay leave
is that not even it’s that far back
that’s gonna come back at 3540 degrees
let me just go with the classic yeah you
can’t go wrong yeah that’s very 60s
yeah let’s do that okay I think I well
with the crank stick though
steering wheel is probably the next
thing and I have to say I absolutely
love just brought that out which i think
looks amazing so which means everybody
else won’t it’s perhaps not quite as
windy no no I like that it looks quite
safety and the other thing I like about
it is it’s um I don’t like in a classic
car that where the rims too thick and
that looks like it’s got a thin rim yeah
because that nothing spoils the classic
car more than a modern really yeah room
it just doesn’t look right you know
because the old cars I mean the allanne
must be 20 mil something I mean it’s
tiny thin yeah okay yeah that looks
Abbot’s you’re black you’re white you’re
black and silver again yeah yeah we’ll
sort out the batch we’re making
looking at exterior and this yeah as
we’ve kind of discussed before the
escorts so sort of minimal there’s not a
lot you can change we don’t want to
change we don’t know the only thing you
mentioned before is wanting to throw a
few ideas around on the rear end yeah
and it was just done a couple of
drawings on the idea of quarters rather
than yeah because I was talking about
trying to incorporate slots um yeah I
mean that’s a tricky one ah actually
having them serve any purpose is also
difficult because they’re because the
scene where the boot I mean it’s all
doable we can change the metalwork
around at the scene where the boot floor
meets the rear valance there’s basically
directly that bit there so if you had
vents there they’ve even got to be just
underneath the boot floor or just inside
the boot yeah I mean last time we talked
about it this I was actually 50/50 I
just wanted one of the subtle body mod
that wasn’t super obvious because I
really want the thing to look like doing
again and the thing that took me away
from that was the fact that one of the
nice things about the escort is that
long straight line makes it look wider
and if you break that line it doesn’t
look quite so wide yeah and one of the
other things we talked about was maybe a
portion of this gets blacked out or
maybe you put the slots in that but
whether that’s too low or not I don’t
know yes yeah well the other thing is
exhaust yes where does the standard
won’t come out this little bump here
other one comes out this side but
actually it’s got to be that side really
well on the engine and I see wasn’t that
sold in the twin cam for the same reason
it’s on the drink on the exhaust getting
out because that’s the one thing I quite
like a symmetric stuff on cars so one
thing I wouldn’t mind whether this is
blacked out or not isn’t artificially
big chunk out of the rear
with exhaust rather than hanging out the
bottom yeah quite like it’s a deliberate
chunk out of that and the exhaust a bit
higher up already and he has taken it
yeah we probably gently gonna be on that
he came to me and said how BIG’s the
exhaust gonna be so I can do an
appropriate so I said it was gonna be to
finish tied yeah so he’s doing I think a
semi-circle three inch cut out yeah so
it would be a two and a half inch pipe
half half tucked into the balance off so
that’s how it’s done
okay know that it’s less subtle than
that at a minute now I think a
semi-circle be fine I think I think it’s
the pipes they’re the escort definitely
done excellent great stuff simple car
good amazing
yes I’m going so this is actually a 1
megawatt ok make up another chicka 1
1.21 jigowatts just so anyone know this
is real stuff  “
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