Mk1 Escort Rebuild – Retropower Gordon Murray Episode 6

Gordon Murray Mk1 Escort

In this episode the Retropower guys take a look at the progress on the bodywork. Most of the outer panels are on and complete. The custom dash metalwork is in place and some extra cross braces and seat mounts have been welded in to give a bespoke driving position requested by Gordon. The pedals have been modified to allow the room for a clutch foot rest and the steering column swapped out for an Opel Mantra unit that has a crumple zone.  We also get a look at the start of work on the rear suspension. A turret kit is going in, however they are converting to landrover freelander struts and coil over suspension with engineered camber adjustors - not sure how I feel about that, but it looks interesting.

Here's Episode 6:


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