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Mk1 Ford Escort body reinforcement

Mk1 Escort Rally Preparation – Body Shell

The MK1 Escort has been used for rallying since it’s release in 1968. Now featuring prominently in classic, historic and clubman competitions, the MK1 Escort is still an effective and cheap way to go rallying. Unless you are building a factory replica, or have stumbled upon a forgotten works car in a farmer’s barn here…

Escort Mk1 suspension

Mk1 Escort Rally Preparation – Rear Suspension

Mk1 Escort rally preparation – rear suspension The major goal for the rear suspension of any race or rally car, is to prevent sideways movement in the rear axle and to get the rear axle moving only in an up & down direction. The standard MK1 Escort rear axle has a fair amount of movement…

Escort Mk1 Suspension

Mk1 Escort Rally Preparation – Front Suspension & Handling

For serious rough stage rallying, suspension is probably the most crucial thing to get right. Luckily these days there are plenty of options and aftermarket products to allow for adjustments to ride height, camber etc. For optimum handling a set of matched springs and shock absorbers (dampers) are needed as well as a close ratio…